"Mosque Today" photography exhibition at Goethe-Insititute

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Mosque today
Photography – Architecture – History
04-18.January2010 – Sun – Thur. 10.00-19.00
Inauguration on Monday 04.01.20010 at 17.00

PHOTO EXHIBITION: Mosques in Germany by Wilfried Dechau, Stuttgart/Germany

Approximately 3.5 million Muslims are currently living in Germany and since the 70s almost 2600 Islamic sacral buildings have been created all over the country. German mosques today are symbolizing a decades-long history of immigration but also it’s omissions. They demonstrate the presence and self-confidence of Muslim immigrants in Germany: We are building because we want to stay! This unsettles the way the majority of Germans sees itself and the way it is seen by the Islamic minority, stimulation debate on the position of Muslims within Germany society and the importance accorded them by the majority. The Stuttgart based photographer Wilfried Dechau has travelled through Germany, not only to take pictures of mosques buildings and their interior architecture but also of their socio-political context

PHOTO EXHIBITION: Contemporary Mosques of Bangladesh by Hasan Saifuddin Chandan/Bangladesh

The most famous mosques of Dhaka are the ones from the Mughal and pre-Mughal period but who takes attention on the beautiful new sacral buildings influenced by the architecture of the 50s, 60s and later modern architectural trends. Renowned photographer Hasan Saifuddin Chandan not only captured the structure and interior design of these buildings in his photographic lenses but also the different spheres of life which is linked with mosques today.

PHOTO DOCUMENTATION: Historical Mosques of Bangladesh by Babu Ahmed/Bangladesh

Bangladesh has a rich heritage of Mosque architecture. Erection of Mosque started in Bengal just after the arrival of the Muslims in 1204 CE .The Historical Mosques of Bangladesh could be divided in three major part, on the basis of their architectural style. They are – 1.Mosques of Sultani Period (1204 CE-1576 CE) 2. Mosques of Mughal Period (1576 CE – 1757 CE) 3. Mosques of Colonial Period (1757 CE- 1947 CE). The TRADITIONAL PHOTO GALLERY (TPG) gathered examples of each style in this exhibition. Most of these monuments are nowadays in a quite poor and neglected condition and need urgently preservation and restoration. Babu Ahmed founder of the TRADITIONAL PHOTO GALLERY (TPG) aims to uphold and present these mosques to the world through his photo documentation on historical mosques of Dhaka

VIRTUAL PHOTO EXHIBITION: Architecture and mosques in Bangladesh by Saif Ul Haque/Bangladesh

This will be a digital presentation of few selected contemporary mosques in Bangladesh designed by architects. Prominent architect Saif Ul Haque will present the different aspects of mosques from his architectural perspective which will contain plans, designs, photographs and more information on mosques in the context of planning and realization. Digital presentation will run Sun-Thur 10.00-19.00.

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    Dear friends,

    I am very much interested in Iconography of Terra cotta temples of Bengal.

    Can you pl help me get the e-mail ID of Babu Ahmed and/or internet address of TPG.

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