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Assalam aleikum,

Hello Bangladesh Travellers. We hope this website haas helped enrich your experience here, and helped you understand the many facets this country has to offer.

Overcrowded Train by Md. Akhlas Uddin
Overcrowded Train by Md. Akhlas Uddin

We’re back in Bangladesh because Bradt guides has requested that we come back here and update my guide. But we’re also back here now because we need your help sharing a new story about Bangladesh.

It’s a human story, a story about resiliency and opportunity. It’s my story of Bangladesh.

When most people think of Bangladesh, they think of poverty, struggle and corruption. But when we think of this country, we see so much more.

We see the vibrant colours of the Srimongol’s tea fields. We see the spectacular riverine landscapes of the Ganges Delta.

We see a story of human resiliency that inspires me, and makes me want to show others the **non-material** history, nature and wealth of this extraordinary nation.

That’s why, with your help, we want to create a new social enterprise called Crowdsourced Travel.

Instead of perpetuating Bangladesh’s negative image, we want to re-introduce it as a new frontier in travel development.

Well-managed tourism is a positive economic force to be reckoned with. It creates jobs, promotes cultural exchange and protects nature. Bangladesh is the perfect place to promote this style of tourism.

***To start this venture, my team and I need your help. We’re asking you to help us crowdfund the capital we need to get started.

Our first goal is to create a crowdsourced coffee table photography book on Bangladesh, the first of its kind.

We need just $15,000 to produce this book, and we’ve already raised $5,000. But with $45,000 we can execute our full vision — which is to create a new social tourism business in Bangladesh. A business that promotes the best tourism operators and helps them reach responsible travellers more easily.

More funding means we’ll be able to create open source tools and content that will promote sustainable travel. And if we make our full funding goal we’ll have just enough to produce a documentary web series that will seal the deal.

In return for your support, you’ll receive some fantastic photographic products from Bangladesh, and the knowledge that you are helping to show the rest of the world a positive story about this country, one that could create new economic opportunities through tourism.

Bangladeshi people deserve this opportunity, so please help us show Bangladesh to the world.

Thank you for listening to these podcasts. If you can, please pledge to support us our crowdfunding website.

Bangladeshe Bondhu, Ami Bangladeshke bhalobhashi, apni-o Bangladeshke Bhalobhashen, tai amake shahaj korun.

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