Monsoon Clouds near Barisal

Monsoon Clouds near Barisal

The Bangladesh Traveller website will eventually contain the entire text of the Bradt guide, plus a lot of other features and information that simply can’t be put on paper. As we add chapters, we will develop specific, members-only content, some of which will be free, but most of which will be reserved for our valued members.

There are two kinds of membership on the Bangladesh Traveller website.

Free members get access to the Preliminary Chapter of the guidebook plus the General Information chapter and its associated audio podcasts. We will also provide you with monthly newsletters on the latest on travel in Bangladesh and notification of when updates to the guidebook are available, plus a monthly digest of free tips for travel in Bangladesh. You’ll also be able to post questions in our travel support forum, although premium members will receive priority responses. Click here to sign up for a free membership, right away.

For a $20 USD per three month subscription, Premium Members will receive the following value-added benefits:

  1. Get unbiased, first hand advice and suggestions, fast. Do you need contacts, references or help planning your trip? After we’ve directed you to the background information you might need, we’ll help you plan, organise and run your trip in Bangladesh, and even contact tour operators and ticket booking agencies on your behalf. We can take the hassle out of your journey in Bangladesh, especially if you’d rather spend your time drinking tea and enjoying the fine tropical weather than worrying about what bus to catch.
  2. Get knowledgeable on Bangladesh, more quickly. Moving to a new country is a tough process — the multimedia content of this website will help you learn Bangladesh more quickly and navigate its many twists and turns more successfully. That’s the long way of saying that we’ll give you full access to all of our multimedia content including our podcasts, Google Earth mapping files, and online travel support forum. In short, we’ll give you all the tools we wish we had when we were researching this guide!
  3. Network with other travel experts. As the website evolves, we will begin accumulating an excellent database of frequently asked questions regarding travel in Bangladesh. There aren’t many experts of travel in Bangladesh, but those who are will soon be meeting up on the forum of this website..
  4. It’s dirt cheap. For a $20 per three month subscription, we’ll help you get your Bangladesh trip sorted, plus provide all the guidebook information we can throw at you. Cancel any time: there’s absolutely no obligation to keep subscribing if you don’t want to. If you cancel your subscription, once the month expires you’ll automatically be moved back to a free membership.
  5. Discounts on specially arranged tours. Each year, we will be organising special tours in Bangladesh. Be the first to know about these unique and exclusive journeys, and will receive a 10% discount off the trip prices. All premium members, current or expired, will be able to avail this special offer.

Where’s the membership content?

It isn’t all ready yet! That’s right, you’re one of the early signups. Please sign up for a free membership now and we’ll let you know when we have more content available. We’ll also be making a special offer to those who already own the Bradt guide, so stay tuned.

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More questions? Browse this FAQ for more information. If you still have questions, sign up for a free membership and we’ll give you immediate access to all of our freely available content. Right now, this includes the entire first chapter in text and access to the audio versions. We’ll then notify you as we get more information online.