Tourism in Bangladesh

A tourist is a person who visits a place for pleasure. Nobody knows him in the place where he visits. He is a newcomer. He goes to foreign land in order to gather knowledge from different historical, tradition and cultural places.

A tourist is a stranger but a visitor is a known person. The purpose of visiting of a tourist is to enjoy the sights and beauties of nature. A tourist stays in a hotel or in a motel. On the other hand a visitor stays with the known friends and relatives in their houses. A tourist needs a guide but a visitor needs no guide.

Cox’s Bazar is the most important good-looking place in Bangladesh. Paharpur, Mahasthanghar, Mynamati, Sonargaon are the very prominent worth-seeing places in the country. Lalbagh Kella, Bahadur Shah Park, National Mausaleum at Savar. The zoo at Mirpur, Botanical Garden beside the zoo aat Mirpur; Baldha garden at Wari are the worth mentioning good-looking places in Dhaka in Bangladesh. All these places are very attractive and charming to the tourists.

Tourists are strangers. Those people who helps the tourists in new places are called tourists guides. Tourists guides show the tourists comfortable hotels to stay in. They receive the tourists and answers their telephone calls. Some tourist guides help the tourists with heavy boxes and packets. People helping the tourists must be good at history and quick at arithmetic.

Tourism is an industry of Bangladesh. So we should take steps to make all the good-looking places in Bangladesh more attractive and charming to make it a more lucrative industry in future. Thus it can be a good source of earning foreign exchange.